The Basilica Blue Canvas event is featured in Sofil on Oct. 1 at 8 PM (4B Architects)

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The Belgian Business Council in Lebanon (BBC-LB), is a non-profit organization, established with the purpose of encouraging the development and expansion of trade and economic relations and also to foster beneficial business relationships between Lebanon and Belgium. 

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The BBC-LB, is promoting throughout its ties with Belgium and Lebanon a climate of exchange between both countries.

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The Basilica Blue Canvas

 In 2009, initiated by Our Lady of Lebanon Sanctuary, the ambitious and delicate renovation of the Harissa Basilica was launched with 4b Architects as lead architects and consultants on the project.
In 2013, in the midst of this complex rebuilding project, a filming team lead by Director Sarah Hatem documented the tedious and meticulous process, creating a poetic and in-depth documentary named 'La Toile Bleue de la Basilique' (The Basilica Blue Canvas).
Carried by the refined music of Marc Codsi and masterfully framed by Director of Photography Bassem Fayad , the documentary remains a tribute to a fundamental national and spiritual landmark of Lebanon and to challenging architectural endeavors.
After the Premiere at la Maison des Auteurs - Paris, 4B Architects is proud to announce that ACA (Arab Center for Architecture) presents 'La Toile Bleue de la Basilique' at the Metropolis Theatre Sofil on October 1st, at 8 PM with the documentary about Glenn Murcutt 'Spirit of Place'.
We hope to see you there! 

The event details can be followed with the 

Arab Center for Architecture.

Click on the link below to review the work done by 4B Architects on the Basilica renovation.


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